Discover breath-taking Norway on this multiple-day hiking trail through the Hardangervidda. A height plateau in the heart of Scandinavia, that will introduce you to the raw beauty nature has to offer. You will hike amidst the untouched nature while enjoying wonderfull views and absolute freedom.


Norway is without any doubt one of the most striking countries in the world. It is well known for its unseen beauty and its raw nature. Our Norway Trail goes straight through the most beautiful national park of Norway.

The Hardangervidda plateau, the vastest height plateau of Europe with its to the imagination appealing beauty.

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Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
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De Hardangervidda

The Hardangervidda is without any doubt one of the most to the imagination appealing regions of the world.

The height plateau has extends over more than 8000 km² untouched nature. You will hike above the fjords and will be enjoying unreal views.

You will camp in tents at unique places, carefully selected along the route, amidst nature and wide panorama's.

Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
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Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail
Highlight The Norway Trail

The Week Schedule

In one week you will walk over the most beautiful and untouched paths of Norway. you will go from lake to lake and will sleep at unique locations.

Magazine The Norway Trail

The Norway Trail 2021

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The trails will take place during the summer of 2021. There are 12 starting dates that are already confirmed.
  • Sunday the 11th of July until Sunday the 18th of July
  • Friday the 16th of July until Friday the 23rd of July
  • Sunday the 18th of July until Sunday the 25th of July
  • Friday the 23rd of July until Friday the 30th of July
  • Sunday the 25th of July until Sunday the 1st of August
  • Friday the 30th of July until Friday the 6th of August
  • Sunday the 1st of August until the Sunday 8th of August
  • Friday the 6th of August until Friday the 13th of August
  • Sunday the 8th of August until the Sunday 15th of August
  • Friday the 13th of August until Friday the 20th of August
  • Sunday the 15th of August until the Sunday 22nd of August
  • Sunday the 22nd of August until the Sunday 29th of August


  • €450 (Flights excluded)
  • €690 (Flights included)

Why should I participate in The Norway Trail?

Norway isn't an easy country to explore on your own if you have never been there or doesn't have tons of experience. Our guides thought out an amazing trail that everybody with a good condition and health should be able to finish without any problems. The trail itself is challenging but our guides are there to help you. On top of that you get this:

  • Stay the night at special spots in nature
  • A balanced trail
  • An affordable price
  • A complete logistic organisation (local transport, trailbooks, camping spots, English/Dutch/French speaking guide, optional Foodpack,...)


  • Flights, round trip Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris to Bergen: from € 240 per person (excl. Hold luggage)
  • Rent camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and liner): € 65 per person
  • The Norway Trail Survival Foodpack: € 95 per person.
  • Travel insurance: € 39 per person.
  • Cancellation insurance: € 49 per person.
  • Walking poles: €11 p.p.
  • Hold luggage: €49 p.p.

    What with Corona?

    In Norway, they have good control of the Corona pandemic and we are assuming that by the summer of 2021 there won't be many travel restrictions anymore. In the case there cannot be travelled, we have following insurance for you:

    Book without any concerns thanks to our cancellation insurance

    Thanks to the cancellation insurance you are able to cancel your trip up until a month before departure without having to give a reason*.

    Within the last month before departure you'll still be able to cancel, but only with a valid reason as described in our cancellationpolicy.

    *This applies to the entire travel sum excluding the price of any flights that are linked to weeks that are not canceled.

  • FAQs

    You will sleep in your own tent for a week. We provide unique sleeping places of which 3 are in the middle of nature. There are only sanitary facilities at the base camps. So you will have to do without showers and toilets when you are in the middle of nowhere. But don't worry, there are plenty of lakes along the way to refresh yourself.
    During your hike in the Hardangervidda, you won't be encountering any supermarkets or dining possibilities. Thus, it is necessary to take enough food with you for the whole route. If you want, you can book a Foodpack and a cooking set at The Norway Trail for the price of €95. If you do so, you will not have to worry about bringing your own Foodpack. Our Foodpack consists of three meals a day and includes a cooking pot, small cultery and a cooking stove.
    At the start of the trip you will get a completely mapped out trailbook in which all routes and sights are broadly documented. This should enable you to do the route completely on your own. But for each Trail there are 2 - 3 experienced guides present, that can help you in difficult situations. Every team will also get a GPS-Tracker (incl. emergency button), with this you can alarm the guides in case of an emergency.
    • 7 camping nights from which 2 are at comfortable campings and 5 near shelters on the Trail.
    • All local transports by bus
    • Guidance by our own guides
    • GPS-Tracking system in case of emergencies.
    • Trailbook The Norway Trail
    • Optional: Flight (single/roundtrip) from/to Bergen

    Bring good hiking boots with you, you need to feel comfortable to walk a long hike with them.

    Prepare yourself for quickly changing weather. Bring protective rain gear and some warm clothes. Especially in the evening it gets colder pretty quick.

    Own tent if you don't rent the camping gear

    If you choose not to rent our camping gear make sure to bring your own tent (at least a 3-seasons tent), sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

    Norway Trail camping gear

    If you chose for the option NorwayTrail Camping Gear you will get a tent, sleeping mat, and a sleeping bag at the start of the route. The gear is made out of the most weatherproof materials.

    A more extensive list of what to bring will be provided a sufficient long time before your departure to Norway!

    You can choose to bring your own camping gear or you can rent The Norway Trail Camping Gear (€65/person). If you bring your own material, be sure to bring good gear (3-seasons tent + compact sleeping mat + sleeping bag).
    We strongly recommend the Foodpack. It will exist of a variation of good meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) The foodpack also includes a cooking set (cooking pot, gas stove, gas bottle and cutlery). We have a standard and a vegeterian variation.
    Every departure date, a team of experienced guides that know the trail and picked out the trail and camping spots, will be present. They will also be there to offer support in case any problems or emergencies would occur during the trail.
    Every departure day there is a maximum of 35 participants. During the hiking itself the group will be broken down into smaller groups by itself.
    Although you will feel a certain group feeling during the week, it is no problem to "go your own way" everyday. Feel free to discuss your plans with the guides.

    Every week there will be a flight from Belgium (Brussels Airport Zaventem) & The Netherlands (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) to Norway ( Bergen Airport).

    Departure and arrival day 1:

    Departure Brussels Airport Zaventem: 07h05 on Friday or Sunday
    Departure Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 09h15 on Friday or Sunday
    Arrival in Bergen Airport: 10h50 on Friday or Sunday

    Departure and arrival day 8:

    Departure in Bergen Airport: 11h35 on Friday or Sunday
    Arrival in Brussel Airport Zaventem: 17h40 on Friday or Sunday
    Arrival in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 13h20 on Friday or Sunday

    In Bergen there will be a bus that will pick up all participants and drive them to basecamp. At the end of the week, there will also be a bus leaving for Bergen Airport early in the morning.

    For those that rather come by own means: this is possible without any problem. You can choose to get on the bus together with the other participants in Bergen or you come directly to our basecamp.

    Throughout the week, you will hike around 90 km in total. The amount walked per day varies between 15 and 20 km a day. At the start and the end of the week, you will also conquer quite some height meters by hiking up and down the height plateau.
    Yes, unfortunately, it is impossible to have a luggage transport on the height plateau of the Hardangervidda. But no worries, well before departure you will receive sufficient tips and tricks to pack your backpack as light as possible from us.
    For anyone between 16 and 65 years of age with good physical condition and a good dose of perseverance. The trail is challenging and consists of a fair amount of physical activity, so good physical condition and health is a must.
    1 piece of carry-on luggage (max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm) and 1 accessory, (eg, a pure or laptop)(max. 40 x 30 x 15 cm) with a total max weight of 12kg are included in the base price of the flight.

    You can book a piece of hold luggage: L + W + H max. 158 cm and max. 23 kg for the departing as well as for the returning flight for the total of €50.

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